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Naturism in Spain (website with listings and worthwhile general information)

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Spain is looking better and better as far as a holiday destination. Has anyone here been to some of these beaches?

Thanks for posting this link.

I also found this one for beaches in Catalunya (

Nat Biss:

--- Quote from: brandon on June 16, 2010, 08:50:24 pm ---I found a website with extensive information on beaches, clubs and resorts in Spain:

home page translated to English:
Our Favorite Nudist Beaches

--- End quote ---

This website no longer exists, which is sad because this was the best list of Spanish nude beaches I have ever seen. The list (but not the info about the beaches) have been copied in other websites ( has evolved to , but it doesn't include the same list of beaches. Instead, it provides links to many other websites with information about nude beaches ( However, none of these lists is so comprehensive. For instance, the "official" list of nude beaches includes less than half of the ones that really exist.

Apart from those links, I could also suggest other few useful sites:

* (this is my personal site, I hope you don't mind I promote it here  :embarrassed:)


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