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VIDEO: World Naked Bike Ride, - The Documentary

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--- Quote from: genxnaturist on January 12, 2011, 02:50:49 am ---There was comment about naturism shouldnt be part of politics or something like that

To some degree thats unrealistic.  Wreck beach in Vancouver came about because of lobbing by supporters and getting involved with local politics.  Historicaly nude beaches have been closed down due to new local or state laws or the interpetation of existing laws.   Sad reality is if you want to get more acceptance of naturism then you need to some degree get involved with politics.
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That's not what I've said. I've said that its not good for naturism for other political viewpoints to use it, as it discourages those who hold different viewpoints frombecoming naturists.

--- Quote ---Now as far as other things. I dont mind being considered environmentalist.  Heck I have environmental science and biology degree.  Accorse problem is sterotyping.  Even thinking that all hippies are tree hugging is sterotype.  I know many hippies who are very capitalistic, and if you saw them at first you wouldnt think they are hippies.

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I would consider myself an environmentalist as well. However, I wish nothing to do with the cause the naked bike ride supports.

Do you even know what Naked Bike Ride respresents?

PS This is a trick question


--- Quote from: genxnaturist on January 12, 2011, 07:18:28 am ---Do you even know what Naked Bike Ride respresents?

PS This is a trick question

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1. A protest against oil dependency

2. An chance to get naked in a public place

I don´t know if people know it but the WNB movement began in my hometown (and  the place where I live too): Zaragoza, Spain.

It began about 10 years ago when an association of bike riders decided to do a naked ride to demand more bike-roads in the city and to promove the use of the bike in terms of a healthy and ecologic way to move on the city.

Zaragoza is one of the biggest cities in Spain, in the same group as Bilbao, Sevilla or  Valencia in terms of  population (almost 1.000.000 people). So it´s still a middle-sized city where a bike can take you to from point to point in a shot amount of time.

I don´t know what are they demanding now because almost all the original demands have been heard: Lots of bike-roads through the city, a public bike-rental service with lots of stations through the city (you take a bike in one station and park it in the station near your destiny) and several improvments in urban laws to help the bikers.

I´ve never been in one of the WNB of my city (nor any other): every year I´m somewhere else. But I´d like to go to a big WNBR next year (like London). I think that, besides the ecologic message, it´s a way to normalize nudity.

Why don't you talk to Conrad from the World Naked Bike Ride and see if you can organize something in Florida. I would definately do it. Here's the email, I think:

Your Pal,


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