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Red Rock Beach, Northen California-Marin County
« on: June 28, 2010, 06:04:20 am »
Well I'll be talking about Red Rock Beach in Norcal. Hopefully you find it interesting/informative!

So Today I went to the well known, but so well hidden Red Rock Beach.

First off, the beach is amazing, BUT so hard to find. My 1hr drive turned into a 2.5 hr drive and 30 min of wandering around. It is not well marked AT ALL. So I drove what had to be the most curvy, treacherous road to get where I *thought* the beach might be. Well I drove, and drove and passed all of these makeshift lots, and people parking in turnouts to get to what is Stinson beach. Now Stinson beach is supposed to the beach right next to Red Rock. They're actually connected (sorta).  So not knowing where Red Rock was, I went to Stinson, thinking I could walk over. Well that almost worked, except for the BOULDERS, blocking my path. Did I try to climb them? Of course I did, but eventually I realized I could get up, but probably not down. So I left and drove to wear the beach was supposed to be, as exactly marked by my iphone. But I saw nothing, no beach, no people, no path. So I stopped my car in a turnout and looked very hard. Turns out there was a path, but I had no clue how to get to it. After driving near it I found what is basically a makeshift parking lot on some gravel. I stop there, find a path and walk down it. Now here is where the beach fun begins!

Well after walking down I found it! it's essentially a  small hidden beach, maybe 200-300 feet. Very cozy. But it really is beautiful, and really is secluded. Now like I said before, it's connected to Stinson beach, but only kind of. The only way you can traverse from one to the other is if the tide is low enough and you can find the path. So basically it always secluded from the other beach. Not only that, you can't actually see the beach from the road. It too far down under the cliff. Really a nice little get away.

This beach is GORGEOUS. As the name suggests, there is a lot of Red Rock. There are also a lot of rocks in general. Pretty much everyone was sitting on a rock(not too bad). The waves break beautifully and it's just a nice, fun place to be. You get a great view of the ocean and the rocks are huge and they're shape in funky cool ways. One rock is actually called Gorilla rock because it looks like a gorilla is facing the water. In terms of sights, anytime you like out into the distance you'll be happy.

The real core of the beach comes from the people. Honestly, some of the friendliest people you'll meet. I stripped down and went to a group of people and they talked to me as if they'd known me for a long time. I met people's wives and husbands, talked Japanese with a man who married a Japanese woman and is basically fluent, and learned about the tides and blood rock (apparently if you want to go in the water you can't go in the center, there's a jagged rock in the center and if you go to far out you drop and hit it, and shed some blood as the name implies. I was even given a cool necklace from a man who sells them to textiles, but gives them away free at Red Rock (get freebies when nudie, yea!). They invited me to play games with them, and hang out with them every weekend. Some really great folks. Apparently there's a core of two dozen people and they just welcome and hang with any newcomers.

I really had a great time, despite getting so lost, being stuck in traffic, and falling over on sume rocks/paths. I highly recommend this beach, and if you ever go drop me a line and I'll see ya there! ^_^
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Re: Red Rock Beach, Northen California-Marin County
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2010, 10:47:36 am »
Hey that's a brilliant trip report Ace! Thank you for the detail. Sounds like it was well worth the effort you went to, to find it. I hope you enjoy many more happy visits there.

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Re: Red Rock Beach, Northen California-Marin County
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2010, 11:26:45 am »
Thankyou, Jeff, for that report. It sounds like the place to be up there and the people you encountered are a stark contrast to some of the AANR clicques. Then again, that is often the case where Naturists see a real one there for the right reasons. IE: hey, how are you? 

Some further info:

Red Rock Directions

Some mostly positive Reviews

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Re: Red Rock Beach, Northen California-Marin County
« Reply #3 on: June 28, 2010, 01:24:45 pm »
Thanks for the excellent report! I've linked to it from the Nude Beach List USA.

"Hard-to-find" keeps the gawkers away!

As I read your story, I got a bit worried that it would end with you sitting on a rock, trapped at high tide.
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Re: Red Rock Beach, Northen California-Marin County
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2010, 09:35:40 am »
How cold is the water ?????


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Re: Red Rock Beach, Northen California-Marin County
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2010, 03:06:37 am »
Sooooo I'm a little late on this, but I have some pics of the beach! The gloomy pics are from when I stopped by on a foggy day since I was in the area, and the sunny pics are from when it was PERFECT weather, which was great since it was my last visit before moving out east, where it's getting cold, and I live near 0 beaches. -__-. Either way enjoy! (Don't worry I didn't break any rules, I didn't take any pics of the nudies, just the landscape ^_^)

The view on the hike down

Right before the final descent, you can see all of the beach!

The stairs you take down to the beach

The beach itself