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Welcome to the Video Game Lounge


Welcome to our new Lounge!
We hope you enjoy our new place about all things gaming. After I have seen people interested in the gaming aspects of the Cybercafé, I took the liberty to turn our little review board into the Video Game Lounge, our new hangout for everything involving electronic games. I hope I brought everything relevant in here, if you think I have missed something, let me know.

We now got our new pic up, it has been posed, shot and uploaded by me using The Sims 2, and chosen by the users of this forum because it shows social nudity both in a game and while playing games. I hope you like it.
Full view in the gallery.

"Awesome, new picture!"

*Clicks gallery link*

An error has occurred!
You are not allowed to view the Gallery

"Rats! I forgot about that."

No love...


The shiny new Steam group is up, if you're interested check out this topic:,16206.0.html
I'm the creator of the group, so PM me if you have any questions!


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