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Sequoians- Bay Area Clothing Free Resort
« on: July 05, 2010, 05:49:49 pm »
So just the other day I visited the Sequoians Resort.

So I guess where I'd like to start with this is actually not the resort itself, but the drive there. A very simple drive, but if you have to drive over the San Mateo Bridge like I did, prepare to see some beautiful sights. It crosses the SF bay and the view is absolutely stunning. It's a wonderful place if you've never been, and I highly recommend seeing it.

Now I can move onto the resort itself.

It's a very cozy, but nice place. I went this past Saturday, and it was not the crowded. So I just walked around and explored a little bit. They had both a pool, and a hot tub. Of course there are outdoor showers,  tennis/basketball courts, a recreation room with a pool table and dance floor, and hiking trails. The trails are gorgeous and lead into some really awesome nature spots. The pool is kind of small, but really nice to the touch, and is only 5 feet deep. The place is not as big as I thought, and everything is pretty much centered in one area. This is both good and bad as you can always see where the action is, but means you won't really be able to interact with people if you live that area. I don't know what else to say about the grounds besides that it has a very nature feel to it, and is really relaxing.

The people there were also amazing. The two owners (I'm guessing) are really nice people. When you register to get in, they tell you where everything is, and try to make sure you won't need anything to enjoy your stay. They want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and are genuinely good natured people. The other people are a mixed bag. All are nice in the naturist sense, but are also really distant. You can feel that they're watching you and judging your intentions, which of course should be the case, but sometimes is a little off putting. I would say that I just happened to come at an awkward time. I saw a man get kicked out for being inappropriate. Apparently he had been making lewd comments, and touching himself. I can easily believe he was actually a problem just because he got kicked out around 11/ 11:30 and he was already drunk, stumbling and yelling. Now I'm not faulting him for drinking, I've morning and day drank before, but there were only 5 people there and they were sleeping, so clearly he had some problems. Other people were nice though, and I had some interesting conversations. It was also the typical crowd, all white and all over the age of about 40. I couldn't find anyone near my age, so I kept to myself and read books mostly. The also have a great system to become a member. The general public can come on the weekends, but only members can come on weekdays. To become a member though, you have to get signatures from other people who vouch for your intentions. I think that's a great policy to weed out the dirty people, but also make sure you actually meet people.

The only complaint I had with the place was that it was kind of boring. I read half a book, a magazine, and took a nap. There wasn't much to do, at least for the first few hours. Now I like to relax, but I wouldn't have minded a little craziness. Not only that, but at around 2 oclock on a holiday weekend, on a Saturday there were maybe 15-20 people at the resort. I was shocked, I expected way more people. To their defense though, things started to get more lively around 3 when I left, so I could see people having fun more later on.  I'll definitely go back and see what the late afternoon and night life has to offer. I'm sure there are more people, and more liveliness on regular weekends.

All in all it's a great place to visit, and I recommend a visit! ^_^


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Re: Sequoians- Bay Area Clothing Free Resort
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2010, 06:37:54 pm »
Hope i can share a similar story soon, except for the situation with the drunk man of course, when i have visited my first Naturist resort
Reading how you describe the Sequoians resort i have no doubt it is a great place to visit but it is a little bit to far away for me from where i live
(Maybe i can use the money i earnt with my overtime hours to come over but first i need to ask my boss for a long vacation when he is in a good mood, and that doesn't happen alot )
Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed reading it