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People warned not to visit Sandy Bay, Cape Town

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Cape nudist beach a crime hotspot July 18 2010 at 11:33AM
People have been urged to avoid Sandy Bay, Cape Town's famous nudist beach, after two men were robbed by armed and "aggressive" thieves. [more]

This is particularly sad given Jan26's positive review of this beach. Police seem to be all too happy to stop naturists when they get the chance, but seem to do a terrible job of protecting them.


It is unfortunate that this has happened, however I've been to Sandy Bay on several occasions and have never had any problems.
One has to take the same/usual precautionary measures as one would anywhere else in South Africa, but I wouldn't say avoid the place completely.
Leave unnecessary valuables at your hotel/at home or in your car out of sight, and lastly it isn't advisable to visit the beach at night. If you do so and stick close to the other naturists you should be fine :)

Enjoy the beach :)

only takes  a few bad apples to spoil it ,hope they fund them.

i agree,it is sad - ive only been once to the beach which is a very nice beach so hopefully the police can patrol and catch the suspects.i had no trouble when i went to the beach.

This was originally posted in July of 2010 - I'm guessing things have changed since then.
Better or worse? You tell us.


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