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Calling all radio Anoraks


Radio has been a hobby of mine since i was a child. Started off my being amazed at MW (AM) stations travelling hundreds of miles at night then moves on to FM and Tropospheric Ducting (Stations signals travelling hundreds of miles by being trapped in the lower atmosphere) and on to Shortwave. This is where I ended up listening to stations from most of Europe including Radio Vlaanderin (Belgium on 1512 KHz) Sweden on 1179 KHz and Many others like Germany, U.S.A, Australia even North Korea and China.  Probably listened to about every band i could get my hands on inc managing to get a TV Channel from a good 300 miles away and a PMR 446 signal from 150 miles away. some one tell me this makes sense to them or am i the only radio nut on the boards

Ive managed China and Oz before on an old valve shortwave set.


--- Quote from: egonspengleruk on July 29, 2010, 10:10:48 pm ---Ive managed China and Oz before on an old valve shortwave set.

--- End quote ---

china is easy enough they are on 1440 KHz MW and on many Shotwave frequencies. Australia is much harder as they don't transmit to Europe. done it a few times though


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