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March, 2009, Irish Naturist Federation News - Inch Beach, West Kerry Campaign




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By Fiona Dillon

Saturday March 21 2009

A campaign has been launched to have a section of the famous Inch
beach in west Kerry designated an area where nudists can go. The Irish
Naturist Association (INA) which has around 1,000 members, will be
seeking support from candidates running in local and European
elections for its plan. It will also contact Kerry County Council
requesting that part of Inch Strand be designated a nudist beach. The
association said that it intends to write to all the candidates
running in the local elections in Kerry, seeking their support for a
designated nudist beach in the county.

"We decided this year, because of the local and European elections, to
select a few locations around the country and try to get them
designated as naturist beaches by seeking support from candidates
running in those areas. Inch is one of these," said INA president Pat
Gallagher. He said that Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe
that does not have designated naturist beaches, and people do contact
the association to see where they can go to sunbathe naked when they
are coming here on holiday. "It could be a deciding factor in getting
tourists to an area," he pointed out. There are a number of locations
around the country that are mentioned as spots suitable for nude
bathers, and Inch is one of the unofficial naturist beaches mentioned
on the INA website.

However, it urges people to use discretion at all times. "Inch is
already established as a naturist beach but, as it is not official,
there is always a fear that the bathers could be approached by gardai.
If the council sanctioned the beach it would take away the risk of
prosecution," said Mr Gallagher. Many of the INA's members are from
Kerry and Cork. Inch is famous as the spot where movie Ryan's Daughter
was filmed. It also got a mention in Annie Murphy's book, Forbidden

Sorry this post is late but ive only registered a week lol. Anyway, I would love for this to happen as it might get the ball rolling for more beaches to become official Naturust beaches, and as Breff said, maybe ones closer to where I live. Now i know it's not going 2 happen in Northern Ireland, but maybe even one's just across the border would be nice. It would be better than nothing :)


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