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Croatia. A Naturist's wonderland of acceptance!

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Federation: Drustvo Naturista Hrvatske 
Phone: +385 91 5754 153


About us

AAMK "Sveuciliste"
Trg Marsala Tita 3
HR-10000 Zagreb
Croatia / Hrvatska




President :   Davorin Žugčić         Cellular:  ++385 91 575 4153

Secretary:   Miljenko Čirjak         Cellular:  ++385 92 107 0262

The Croatian Naturist Association (DNH)

The Croatian Naturist Association (DNH) was founded at 1977. The first president was Vladislav Novak, and the first secretary was Jelena Vugrinčić. The 'eighties' were the golden years for DNH. At the year 1992 DNH becomes a member of International Naturist Federation.


In the beginning...

History of organized naturist vacations in Croatia goes back in 1930's. The island of Rab is rightly referred to as the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic. Naturist beach in Rab was opened personally by Richard Ehrmann from Vienna (the first president of INF) unofficially in 1934, but the month of August 1936 is frequently mentioned as the official beginning of naturism in Rab (and in Croatia too), i.e. when the English king Edward VIII stayed there and the Rab authorities allowed him and his wife to take a nude swim in the bay of Kandarola.

Croatia was the first country in Europe to start with the concept of commercial naturist resorts. Koversada, the oldest naturist resort in Croatia, became officially opened for naturist tourists in 1961.


Vacations centres affiliated to DNH & INF

DNH has two  members: camping "Kazela" in Medulin (Istria) and camping "Sovinje" in Tkon on the south coast of Pasman island. More information and pricelists you can reach  on our web site in "portal" section.

They have some very cool and good links and one of those is  which abounds with information!

CROATIA!  Super place, good prices and wonderful organisation!

Well done, Danee! Theese are best sites about naturism in Croatia. Just a little correction. The lady with King Edward VIII was American Mrs. Wallis Simpson. In that time she wasn't his wife, she was his girlfriend. Because of her he abdiacted four months later and married her next year.
About their nude swimming on Rab was made croatian musical "The King is naked".

Hi Tihi! Next summer will be the 4th that I come in Croazia with my gf. We'll go, as usual, In Cres island Punta kriza. A great place for peace and freedom! Are you near there? Do you know the Camp Baldarin?

Hi, Bobbo! I know for Baldarin, but I have not been there yet. Until now I was on beach Kandalora on island Rab where was King Edward VIII with Mrs. Simpson and in Camp Banculuka in Baška on island Krk. I was also on some unofficial beaches.

Would love to take vacation time in Croatia, but unfortunately I still lack the money.


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