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Internationally Catalog, number 909


This issue deals a lot with Eastern European Naturism but there is much more then that inside. 

Have a look!

Thanks for the link Danee, I only just saw it. That's a great site. I'm impressed how easy it makes the reading process.

It's great to see some quality naturist publications out there, so hopefully they can afford to continue publishing.

My only concern is that the site will deprive those publications of the income they need to keep publishing, if they aren't getting our subscription fees.

Does anyone know whether those Naturist magazines have given their permission for their content to be published in this way? If not, I would consider subscribing to them in the regular way to give them my support.

Magic Mouse makes this a lot more difficult than it needs to be!!  :0988

Nonetheless, thanks Danee!

I wish i had some spare cash to buy some of that cool stuff.

Its an awesome catalog with some aweosme pictures. And some of the DVD's looked interesting too. Its a shame i could barely see the writing  :345678


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