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a little time capsule


Hey guys, after my introduction, I thought I might link to my blog. I have implemented tags on it today, have a look at the third box down on the left. One of my tags is "nudism" - I did try to adapt to the lifestyle from 05-07 and my blog was a 2nd avenue (next to that other forum) that allowed me to talk about various experiences.

I was young, inexperienced and talking to blogging-friends who definitely did not share any interest in the lifestyle whatsoever. Forgive me. Also, the last entry that had any bearing on the lifestyle dates back to January 08, at which stage I'd decided that I was cool with it and thus didn't feel the need to talk about it anymore.

So, if you're interested in a very old and simple tale, have a look and click on the "nudism" tag. Oh, and if you do - tell me what you think.  :123

Jym, I was interested so dropped by.  How good is this!!!!  I love the various sections in it and your writings.  I especially liked your trip report and seeing Ottos art.  Thanks for this!


Hey Jym. Thanks for that. Interesting blogs and interesting replies to them from your friends. It does seem it's a very slow moving thing though with only small number of folks but the idea is nice. It is great you were so open about your "new hobby" whilst not making a big deal of it.


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