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What Not to Wear


"Before when Tracy Isaacs' husband asked her if she wanted to vacation at a nude resort, she was  quick to say no.  But this year, she decided to take a chance. Join her at the beach as Tracy strips away the layers and worries about the worst that could happen."

Hey cool link Pisco! Thanks for that. it's great they are so real about it all.

Hey also check out the page. Cracked me up reading their descriptions....

--- Quote ---Steve is caught here in a "Christopher Robin" pose which may charitably be described as showing an engaging sense of inquiry and wonder, but really it's just the face of a kid who hasn't got a clue what's going on.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---He can't decide if his proudest achievement was to be born Scottish or to leave it and never go back.
--- End quote ---

They sound like a cool bunch of folks.


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