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Dying for something to do!!!

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So being a part-time teacher with too much time on her hands, I have this huge urge to actually do something with my time. Yea I could get a second job and I've already put in some offers on that, but I was thinking more of a hobby. I know how to write, do some art, and work with seed beads in making things. I do some yoga occasionally and get my general workout carrying things and walking during classes. I have this urge to want to know how to knit and make my own clothes. Sadly those two things cost money which I don't really have, so I was trying to figure out an idea that I could do either in the morning or in the afternoon that doesn't cost too much money (if anything). I can't really jog cause my foot doesn't work for that anymore, but walking is okay sometimes.

Any suggestions?  :56789

What about writing a book?

And if you like it, it's now very easy to self-publish at no cost to yourself.

Given that you know how to write and do some art i think writing a book is a good suggestion
Or maybe you can volunteer at a care center (like helping handicapped children, rescued animals, ...)

I had considered volunteering my time at the Humane Society to help with the cats and dogs, but then I remembered that the in-laws cat has HIV and it can be spread to the other cats in the center. Last thing I want to do there. >_<;;

I actually have written a substantial fiction "novel" and do have some chapters to finish rereading and editing. Sadly, I'm about 3/4 of the way done and then that's it. I can't publish it because it's just a fan fiction novel and part of the point is the characters I used which is entwined with my own characters. I have one that I forsook years ago, but I don't remember a whole lot of how that plot went.

Anyone ever tried to learn how to knit? The mother-in-law knows and I know she'd give me the needles and yarn to start with, but I would like my own after a while. What about the clothes thing? I know there's a lot that goes into making it but I don't know what would be the best medium to use. Any ideas on that?

My girlfriend sometimes makes her own clothes, i shall ask her but i do not see her until next week so i hope you can wait that long


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