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One of my many hobbies is playing darts. I come from a darting family and started playing myself when i was about 14. I try to practice at least an hour per day, and I play for my local pub. We recently raised £1000 for a charity by playing a 24 hour darts marathon. It would be great to chat to other darts players so please post a bit about yourself and how you got into darts, how long you have played for etc.

Great haha I was begining to think i was the only one

Darts is always fun
Whenever there is a dartboard present when we go out in the weekend we play (usually 501 and cricket)

Do either of you guys watch the darts on tv? if so which organisation and which player do you support?

lol, I tried it, but never hit the dartboard    :56789 :4245 :63424


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