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Favorite supercar

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Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has a valuable collection of supercars while Genesis drummer (and solo artist) Phil Collins has no interest in supercars (but is active in charity/fundraising and collects Alamo artifacts.)

If you had a lot of money, would you buy a supercar, and if so, which one or ones?

Would you drive it, or keep it in pristine condition in a museum?

I like to discuss amongst some friends, what cars we would have in our dream garrage if we won the euro millions lottery. I always pick the Bugatti Veyron, Koeniggsegg CCX, and a McClaren F1. and the last 2 are usually some classic or novelty cars, but as we are discussing supercars, my last 2 would be a Gumpert Apollo and a Ferrari Enzo


--- Quote from: chrisw91 on November 09, 2010, 06:04:03 pm ---Bugatti Veyron
Koeniggsegg CCX
McClaren F1
Gumpert Apollo
Ferrari Enzo

--- End quote ---

I like the Koenigsegg CCX and love the McLaren F1.
Never heard of a Gumpert Apollo, but it looks exciting.

Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari Enzo don't appeal to me at all.

The F1 is probably my favorite, although I find it kind of awkward getting into the driver's sear. I like some Ferrari and also wouldn't mind a Lambo.

For something to actually drive, I would choose something a bit below a supercar that is more practical and reliable and doesn't attract attention... most likely a Porsche 911 GT3 or 911 Turbo, or an Audi R8.

1921 Rolls Canardly

Absolutely no question and no competition: the McLaren F1. I would drive it daily, but keep it in good condition.

The center-positioned driver layout combined with the gearbox, stance and horsepower of that car create a truly unique driving experience.

I think of it less like getting into a vehicle that I control and more like becoming a different type of animal for a while, experiencing the world in a completely different and amazing way.


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