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Balkaz Retreat (Caboolture)


Dario Western:
Run by a couple called Big Al & Karen Stallan (hence the name), this is a strictly nude-only venue except for first-timers.  Still a nice place to visit if you're a more seasoned nudist.

Interesting their site clearly states it's a "Clothing Optional" location. Have you been there? Any trip report?

Dario Western:
Their website was designed by an amateur who is a friend of theirs.  It is only clothing optional for first timers, after which it is strictly nude only for everyone.  I've been attending since it opened in 2005 although over the past two years I haven't been going so much.  The couple who run it are nice, gregarious and rumbustious.

Only recommend it to the more seasoned party-hard nudist with a thick skin, whereas PSF has a more gentle vibe to it.  Balkaz is only about 1.5kms from PSF but they do not see themselves in competition with each other.


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