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After some PM between Darek and me, I tell for our Polish members the nudism and naturism places from Poland.
These Places were located by a girl penfriend from Poland, thank you Anna.

Simple rules of thumb on a nude beach in Poland

    - Respect people's privacy, do not stare or gawk
    - If the people don't mind you nude, you shouldn't mind them dressed
    - Do not take photos unless everybody agrees
    - Be careful about the water even if you're a good swimmer; watch the kids - there are no lifeguards on duty!
    - Take care of nature, take you garbage with you.
    - No sexual activity on the beach


This is the oldest (since 60’s) naturist beach in Poland. You have to walk about 30 – 40 minutes to the begin and 40 – 50 minutes to the central part of this beautiful sandy beach (direction of Kuznica Helska). It is about 3 – 4 kilometres long and surrounded by pine forests. Chalupy is a fishing village located on the Hel Peninsula. It can be easily accessed by car, bus or train from Gdynia.


This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. The naturist beach is located about 500 metres west of the mouth of the Piasnica River. Debki is a small fishing village but it is not a place for quiet rest because it is popular among rich youngsters who want to have fun. You can easily get to Debki from Gdynia or Wejherowo. But be careful: it is the small fishing village near Karwia, not Dibki near Koszalin. The naturist beach is mentioned in many tourists guides as the only “official” one in Poland.

Gdansk – Gorki Zachodnie (Stogi)

The beautiful sandy beach is surrounded by a forest and dunes. From the textile beach in Stogi you have to walk about 1 kilometre to the right. You can go there by tram (No. 8 or 13 to Stogi) or by bus (No. 111, get off at the refinary tanks and walk through the forest).


Official nude beach west of Kolobrzeg (Baltic coast). Ca. 5km west of Kolobrzeg (Kolberg), a 1 km long official nude beach is situated on the Baltic Sea. Parking 100m away (extra charge). Excellent water quality, very bright sandy beach. [09/2010]

Strait of Grzybowo after Dzwirzyno
Parking: left of the road perpendicular to the direction of travel, free of charge (not recommended)
right of the road guarded parking lot of 8-18 Clock. Day pass car 8 zloty (2010 season)
from there access to the beach, the beach is about 100m to the right start nudist section [11/2010]


This is not actually Polish beach but it is just on the other side of the Polish-German border so it is accessible easier from Poland than from Germany. It lies just on the other side of the border with Germany on the island Uznam (Usedom) on the north-west corner of Poland. Since Schengen agreement, you can cross the Polish-German border in any place, any time. German visitors are still predominant on this beach, but you will meet Poles as well. The beach is sandy, wide, protected by forest. Sport activities (beach volleyball, beach tennis) are popular.


This beach is situated near Miedzyzdroje, one of the most posh resorts on the Polish seaside, about 20 km from German border. When you enter the main beach, walk left. The nude section starts about 2 km from the entrance to the beach. The beach is very clean and nice, during summer the water is warmer here than in other places on the Polish shore. Probably most foreign tourists go to Miedzyzdroje; there is a large hotel here and the city is very committed to satisfying the needs of foreign visitors.


If you're in Piaski, you are at the end of Poland. Piaski is a small village on the far-east end of Polish shore, close to Russian border. You may park on one of the forest parking places along the road from Krynica Morska and walk to the beach. Alternatively, you can walk from Piaski westwards, about 2 km from the village the nude section starts. It is probably the longest naturist beach in Poland - you can sunbathe nude all along the coast, 5 km or more. In some places (near parking places) you'll see more textile folk, but don't worry - they won't mind nude trespassers. The main disadvantage of Piaski is not clean water and beach.
Look for amber! In Piaski, especially after windy weather, you may find plenty of it on the beach. If you're unlucky, don't worry - you can always buy an amber necklace in the local shop.

Krakow - Malopolska: Nudism Beach

The best domestic inland beach in Poland.
15 km from Krakow - Kryspinów village, near Krakow-Balice airport.
Here is a 2.5 km² gravel lake. It is partly wooded, mainly hedges and shrubs.
Sanitary facilities are available.
A snack is open during April to September

Lodz: Aqua Park Fala

„Aqua Park Łódź” is the biggest Water Park in Poland. A fantastic new addition to the Łódź leisure scene located close to the city centre next to the Botanical Gardens, Zoo and near Łódź Kaliska railway station. Boasting 8 indoor/outdoor swimming pools including pool for kids with colourful water toys, elephant slide and warmer water to make it comfortable even for the youngest. An indoor tropical wave pool offers great fun for everyone who loves sea. there are also 5 saunas, 2 indoor water slides and a 'wild river' ride to keep you entertained. With 2 heart-stopping outdoor water slides available all year long there is something for the whole family. It's worth mentioning that the place is the biggest and most modern in Central Poland. For all our guests we provide  woderful swimming pools, various waterslides, wild rivers, numerous jacuzzi pools, wave pool – the main attraction of the whole complex and ]Sauna World with warm stone beds and relaxation rooms.

Sauna World
Crystalline Steam Sauna
Positive influence of Crystals on many aspects of human's health is widely known since ages. Thanks to their healthy properties, crystals influence our bodies. Moreover, they relax our minds and generate positive energy deep inside us.
Even one visit in our crystalline Steam Sauna helps to eliminate toxins from body due to stimulation of blood circulation. It protects us from negative influence of polluted environment and UV radiation.
Crystals may sooth you after stressful day at work. They enable and biuld up energy in your body and soul, reinforce your positive aura, calm you down, help to relax, and strenghten your vitality.
According to some sources Crystals help to decide precisely and correctly, biuld positive relations with friends and relatives. Crystals also may help in processes of self motivation and goal setting.
Chromatoterapheutic Steam Sauna
Chromatoterapheutic Steam Sauna
Chromatoteraphy – colour treatment is based on different healing features of colours used to reduce chronic fatigue of body and mind. The healing features of colours is known since times of ancient India, China and Egypt.
Colour & Light treatment is as old as human civilization – currently this branch of alternative medicine is known as chromatoteraphy. Individually used it may never replace the regular treatment. However, it may be a fantastic support to speed up the time of recovery, reinforce body and soul.
In that sauna you will experience constantly changing colours of the rainbow. They positively affect and activate important body functions and stimulate your immunologic system to perform more effectively.
Infrared Sauna
Infrared Sauna
Infrared chambers with deep heat penetration system were developed during long researches of scientists. The reserach topic was to develop the most efficient way of infrared treatment for people. Infrared chamber may be used to enchance convetional therapy with no age or physical limits.
Medical research shows beneficial results of infrared activated heat radiation for human body. Infrared activation system boosts elimination of unused water from organism, but also helps to eliminate fat, bad cholesterol, harmful heavy metals and other toxic substances accumulated in our bodies. There are many beneficial aspects of infrared sauna: faster convalescence and vital energy regeneration, better blood circulation, fresh, young and healthy skin, boosted fat reduction, fitness.
People suffering from asthma, breathing problems, migraine, and constant stress may find infrared sauna helpful in eliminating their problems.

Finnish Sauna inside and outside
Finnish sauna is very popular among our guests. This type of sauna is used to intensyfing effects for immunologic system of human body, it also prevents virus and bacterial infections. It positively influences muscles and whole movement system of body and fights everyday stress symptoms.
Finnish sauna is an unforgettable experience and simply a must for everyone. Steam is generated by pouring water on hot stones, this process causes also ionization of air inside sauna chamber. Ionized air is beneficial for people who suffer from everyday fatigue, stress and anxiety.
There are numerous advantages of Finnish sauna: stimulates blood circulation, helps in metabolism, stimulates heart, cures rheumatism, cleans skin and improves immunity.
That is not the end of it! To discover other beneficial characteristis of finish sauna you should experience it at our Sauna World. Best results may be achieved in the cycle of sauna and cold water, or ice body cooling.
Finnish Sauna outside is located close to beautiful peaceful patio, where people cas cool their bodies during rain or snow.
Big Jacuzzi
Outstanding comfortable big jacuzzi (8 meters diameter) with warm water (34ºC-36ºC) and underwater lights, plenty of water massage jets and comfortable seats will relax your body after long spent in our saunas.

Warm Stonebeds
9 warm stonebeds provide comfortable relax after extensive time spent in saunas. Ambient lights and smooth music you may forget for a while about everyday struggles and stresses. This place is perfect for chatting or spending time on reading your favourite book or newspapers & magazines available for free.

Outside Patio
Well fenced, hidden behind thick hedge provides top class relax after sauna time. You may want to cool your body on one of comfortable deckchairs. This is perfect place for natural sunbathing or find some rest in the shadow of trees.

Especially for kids  there are paddle pools with colourful water toys and water activities.
Aqua Park  also offers sport swimming pool with tracks and numerous water massage facilities excellent for shoulders and the whole body.
They perfectly relax tense muscles and allow the body to rest and loosen up.
All guests are invited to take part in AquaFun and AquaAerobic activities held everyday at 5 and 6 p.m. accordingly (during weekends also at 11 a.m. and at noon). Experienced instructors lead excercises for kids and adults  using professional training equipment.
Tropical relax, active and healthy lifestyle and great fun for people of all ages are possible all year long.

Niedersilesia: Wroclaw(Breslau)

Wroclaw Water Park is a modern, multifunctional sport and recreation centre that meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers. It consists of a number of interconnected zones: the Recreational Zone with a host of great features (including slides, jacuzzis, a "lazy river", outdoor pools and an indoor competition pool); the Sauna and Wellness Zone (several types of saunas and baths, water massages, beauty treatments); a Fitness Club with state of the art equipment and a unique "children's gym" and a Competition Pool with a large spectator area and… the 2008 Best Sport Facility award. These zones are complemented and linked by the food and drink area, which includes restaurants, cafes and a bistro.
Whether you are looking for thrills and spills or simply want to calm down and relax, WROCLAW WATER PARK is the perfect choice.

You can access Wroclaw Water Park using a transponder - a special wristband with a chip that resembles a watch. You can use it to open and close your locker and to pay at the restaurant and the solarium, as well as to pay for switching between different zones (unless already paid for at the entrance). You can choose any free locker available. Attention: the transponder number does not correspond to the locker number! Please leave your locker open before leaving.
Limit of expenses each transponder has an expense limit: Regular ticket – 200 PLN, Concession ticket – 100 PLN, Children – 20 PLN.
Admission tickets can be bought: daily until 10:00pm for the Recreational Zone and the Sauna and Wellness Zone, daily until 10:20pm for the Competition Pool. Children under 12 can only visit Wroclaw Water Park if they are accompanied by an adult (of full legal age). Underage visitors (under 18) must have valid identification confirming their age.
Saunas and solarium are only available for adults. Please remove your swimming suits before entering the saunas. Only dressing gowns and towels are allowed. All visitors must bear in mind that saunas will be used by nude persons.
Competition pool 8 tracks (25 m in length); up to 8 swimmers in a track at a time (track width is 2.5 m); Swimming begins on the hour - from 6:00am to 10:00pm; Ticket purchase and access to the locker room is possible 20 minutes before swimming begins.
The facility is monitored for your personal safety both inside and outside, with the exception of locker rooms, showers, toilets and the Sauna and Wellness Zone.

Visit our saunas to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Purify your body and mind, relax and reload your batteries in the unique scenery of our saunarium. We offer a wide range of saunas, as well as a dedicated relaxation room. Visit our stylish bar after a steam bath session. We would like to remind you that the saunas are a nudity zone. Guests entering this area must remove their swimming suits and bear in mind that they will be sharing the space with partially or completely nude persons. Only towels and dressing gowns are allowed. Why nude? A body dressed in clothes does not warm up evenly and the skin does not purify itself properly. Sweaty clothes irritate the skin and could cause burns.
Here are a few useful tips. We begin with a thorough cleaning of the entire body, which opens up skin pores and prepares us for further purification. Inside the sauna you can either sit or lie. Remember – always lie and rest your feet on the towel (so that your sweat does not soak into the wood). After an 8 - 12 minute session in the sauna, sit up for a moment to even the pressure and leave - preferably to open air (sauna reduces the amount of body oxygen, and a short walk in the sauna garden will be an excellent reoxygenation opportunity). Another step is to cool down your body under a shower. Now it's time for a short rest on a deckchair next to the atrium fountain. During a single visit to the saunarium, try to repeat two or three times the following cycle: warm up, cool down
and rest. It is best to visit a sauna 2-3 times a week.

We invite all Ladies to the aroma ceremony called Milk and Honey, which takes place at the Sauna Zone every Tuesday at 2:00pm.
A peeling at the steam bath and an aroma ceremony in the outdoor sauna combined with the application of an essential oil results in a smooth, purified and supple skin. Additional sensations caused by high temperatures will enhance the state of blissful relaxation.

If you wish to take advantage of this great opportunity, please come to the Wellness Zone reception desk 30 minutes before the treatment. A maximum of 10 participants. Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. From January 2010, this ceremony will also be a paid treatment available in a sauna. Come and enjoy yourself!
Price: 10 PLN


The small village is located about 10 kilometres north of Gdynia.
You can get there from Gdynia by bus (No. 146) or by car.
The naturist beach is situated about 200 metres towards Mechelinek but it is not very popular now (usually you will meet only few people there).


The Lupawa River divides the village into two parts. A large textile beach is located in the western part of the village.
In the eastern part there is also a small textile beach near the river.
Not far away (10 – 15 minutes) you can find a large and beautiful naturist beach.
If you are looking for loneliness you can walk up to 25 kilometres.
Another attraction of this spot is the Slowinski National Park that begins east of Rowy.

Silesia - Dabrowa Gornicza:Aquapark Nemo
Aqua Park in Nemo is Sauna free textile village.
The best sauna in the Silesia region
for more informations look here:

Wollin: Miedzyzdroje / Lubiewo

The island of Wollin is famous for its long beaches and steep chalk cliffs and wide beeches.
Although it is now one of Poland, it is easily accessible from Germany, eg by rail from Pasewalk of Szczecin [Stettin]. A nude beach about 500 meters long ("Plaza naturystyczna"), there are west of Miedzyzdroje [Misdroy] towards Swinoujscie [Swinnemünde]. Nearby is the train station Lubiewo.

Not far from the nudist beach-section from the seaside resort Miedzyzdroje is one of the most beautiful villas in the Baltic Sea coast, which until now as a favorite hideaway for the traveling is natural and cottage friends. Best Baltic air and beautiful Baltic beaches are waiting for the travelers. Nudist friends come here of their costs and also for dog owners of this villa is ideal. [08/2009]

Informations about naturism or nudism clubs in Poland you can get here:  

About aquapark Fala in Lodz, I was several time in sauna place its realy great, realy relax place :)

"Every odd Wednesday of the month from 4 P.M. Sauna World is open only for Women! Every even Wednesday from 4 P.M. we invite all the couples."

and sometimes they do a nudist nights, siwming pools, sauna places and other atraction avalibe only without clothes:)

You could probably add Termy Maltańskie to the list :),25.html/
Located in Poznań (Posen) is the biggest aquapark in Poland and has a great Sauna World.

There are also lots of other spas and places around -

The only official naturist resort (small camp site and some houses and rooms to rent and a small indoor spa area - is in Bielso Biala and is called Cezar Spa  (see in polish

This is poland's largest all nude spa - 10 saunas, 3 pools, amazing! (in English)

Also, come join our close private facebook group at

I was in therms "Tery Banya"  in Bialka Tatrzyanska near Zakopane. Sauna area is nude only


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