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2012 (That's the title, not the year!)

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This looks fun  :879

Oh my... :45

Oh well....I guess there's no point buying a house then.  :65 Mental note: Start saving up for a spaceship!!!  :786

It certainly does look like a good movie, I'll most likely go see it. My religious believes probably play into this, but I don't really believe the whole 2012 thing. Sure the world will end someday, but conspiracies about the end of the world made from ancient cultures have come and gone and nothing has happened. I guess the reason people feel so strongly about this one is because of how accurate the mayan calanders was.

Interesting, from Roland Emmerich again.  He has some fixation on the end of the world it seems.  He also did "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow" as well. 

As for the reality of such a thing I'll refer you to Penn & Teller:

Their new season is about to start and they even have an episode about that nutty 2012 doomsdate.  Personally I'm not a religious person so doomsdates based on extinct cultures carry about as much weight with me as "Jesus is going to return in my life time" & "Obama/Bush/Reagen/Ahmadinejad is the anti-christ" or "Y2K is going to be the end."


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