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Ok so whos the best Sci Fi Writer???

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I would have to add Frank Herbert.. ( Dune  :908 :908 :908)

So many to choose from!

Philip K Dick, if you want old-school sci-fi
Orson Scott Card, just for Ender's game
Iain M Banks and Alistair Reynolds for space-opera and large-scale sci-fi
Neal Stephenson with Snow Crash
for some more lighthearted reading, I like Douglas Adams; and Jules Verne if you think of it as sci-fi


LIke your choices, a lot in common with mine.  I do admit i am also fan of Frank Herber and dune series of books.  I also enjoyed the first movie, not so much SyFy Channel version

I personly enjoy Lerry Niven.  Beyond having interesting plot lines the story arch he has created is possible based on science as we know it, and very forward looking.  The time line he has covered over 4000 years, i find it just fastenating.

Hmm, I dunno if they're be best, but I really enjoy Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein, and Clarke.


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