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General Forum Rules - Reminder to New Members, accounts without intros deleted


Administration Staff:
Reading these rules and the FAQ section is MANDATORY.

1. Upon joining you are required to post an introduction topic in the introductions section as it helps other members in getting to know you and gives everyone a chance to welcome you to the community. Please note, anyone who is not able to do this, will have their account automatically deleted within a short time.
Introductions section
Guidelines for writing your introduction

2. Please try to refrain from religious or political debates on this forum.  Anything to do with the Church or activists or anything is banned. This would include not only Christianity, but all other religions as well.  In short, any post that inflames or says negative things about a religion will be banned.

Discussions about how a religion's doctrine about the main theme of this forum (Naturism) will be allowed to continue as long as they are not controversial in nature or inflammatory.

3. Do not add people to your personal instant messenger friends list without obtaining their permission. Simply, drop them a pm or email and ask to add them.  Also, no posting of personal contact data, such as email, messenger addresses, or social media accounts. If you wish to exchange them with other members, please do it privately via PM or email. Forum topics about instant messaging require moderator approval.

4. Fill out your profile truthfully. If you do not follow this rule, your account will be deleted immediately and you will be banned from our domain.
Multiple people using the same account:  Couples must join with separate accounts if their posts are going to be from both at times.  This is mandatory to avoid confusion and permissions which might be given.  (girls, teens area etc.)

5. No advertising other sites without permission of the staff.

6. No begging for naturist photos. Naturist photography and art, have been part of the lifestyle forever. If one wishes to exchange these then that is your decision. If someone declines, do not come back to them with repeated requests. Users found harassing other members about photos will have their membership terminated. Please follow our Reporting Guidelines to report any such incidents to staff.

7. Anyone uploading malicious software or programs will be immediately banned from this forum.

8. This forum is aimed at the younger crowd. That means up to, and including, 39 is fine to register but members who go past that we recommend becoming a member of Free Range Naturism instead. Current members 40 and over can stay if they want as along as they still make a positive contribution to the community.   

9. Webcams: Do Not Solicit for video chat in the open forum. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not accept webcam requests from anyone who is not known to you. Further, do not beg people to cam, or turn on your own cam without prior approval. If any complaints result from this rule the offender's account will be subject to termination. Please follow our Reporting Guidelines to inform staff of any transgressions.

10. No flaming, racist, sexist, or offensive language/ behavior is allowed.

11. References to other naturist forums: As we all know, many members here are also (or have been) members of other naturist forums on the internet. Some are undoubtedly current and active members, while others, for whatever reason, are no longer members of these other sites. In the spirit of keeping this a friendly forum, please use discretion, maturity, and common sense when mentioning other naturist forums in discussions here.

We understand that occasionally specific sites will be mentioned by name, and in keeping with the expected maturity of our members we ask that no severely negative or otherwise inappropriate remarks be posted.

It is understandable that we all have differing opinions of other naturist forums, but no matter how strongly you feel personally about a specific site, please keep in mind that while they may be less then what they claim at times, we are not in the business of dissing other sites, despite proven illegitimacy of some.

12. We, the staff, host and founders of this community respect all cultures and hobbies. We do not, however, allow depictions of firearms in this community. We are not against certain aspects of that hobby, but overall we are in agreement that we will not permit any depictions or discussions of firearms, with the exception of those that do not promote the use or possession of potentially lethal guns. This is not open for discussion. If you have need for further clarification, we invite you to contact one of our staff members please.

13.  Email accounts.  All members of this community must have a working, functional email account.  To not have one, shows that the person is not someone who really is interested in this community and communication.  Any email which is returned to us as 'bouncing' will result in the member's account being automatically deleted.

14.  No photos or videos portraying pornographic actions or poses to be posted in topics or the gallery. This is a youth forum with young members. Please think about it. Please do not upload personal photos with close up of your genitals.  And for the boys, do not upload photographs where you are aroused. Spy photos or photos that appear to be taken without those in photo consent in a place where a reasonable expectation of privacy would be assumed. FKK is not about that. 

15.  Use of off-color words in posts.  Are words censored?

No, we only ask you to use logic an manners in your posts.  If you wish to say fuck, say fuck. If you wish to say cock, say cock. :Words are words.

Saying that, if a poster is constantly using off color words (or cussing if you prefer) in their posts, then we do consider this inappropriate.  The occasional usage of off color words is fine, but if it is determined by the staff that overage of said words is a part of the posters history, then a simple warning/request will be made to ask them to stop.  If this is argued or not adhered to, then further action may and usually will, result in further action. 

We want a youth culture forum and while that means we should be tolerant, it does not mean that a poster will be permitted to cuss and use off color words on a constant basis. 

Now the obligatory "tough guy" talk: We obviously don't want to have to discipline anyone on here for any reason, however any inappropriate comments will be dealt with in accordance with our site policies.


Our Requests:

Search Before You Post
If you want to ask a specific question, please search the site using the search found up top, next to home - help - search to make sure the answer isn't already out there! If you search and find some answers but believe they're incomplete or out of date, feel free to create post a new topic.

Courteous Communication
Communicating on the Web in an all-text medium is a challenge, and it's always good to think twice before you hit that "Post" button. Realize that each time you reply, you're replying to a real person, with real feelings just like yourself. Try to write messages that cannot be easily misunderstood or misconstrued to mean something you didn't mean. And please, please use descriptive subject lines when you post a new topic!

Post in the appropriate forum.
Please take the time to read the forum descriptions and post your new topics to the appropriate forum. A moderator may see fit to move your post to a more appropriate forum.  If we happen to move a post, don't publicly throw a tantrum concerning it... contact us if you believe it was moved in error.

You have many options here.  You can not have one at all if you wish!  Since this is a naturist forum, nude avatars are fine here but nothing which might be considered as a close up of the pubic area is allowed. Why? Because it draws attention to that part of the bod and simply, that's not what this forum is about.  So, think about it please.  Thanks!

Access to the galleries comes in time to most.  We have them actually but the thing is, we don't want people to drop by, register, and then go straight to the galleries and that's it. This is a forum after all and while good photography has always been an integral part of real naturism, your primary purpose here has to be, must be, for interaction and contribution.  So, after you are settled in, get acquainted and get to posting and contributing, then those galleries will probably open up to you automatically (keyword folks) . If its simply photos you wish, there are a million other sites out there, some great, some not so great but you can find them!  Thanks for understanding.

Reporting Incidents:
We respect your privacy and do not read the personal messages you exchange over the forum and of course we have no access to any of your communications outside the forum. We therefore have no means to tell whether you are being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable by someone over these means - unless you tell us. Even if you can put up with it, there are others who may not be as resilient. Please help strengthen our community and stop such activity before it affects more people by reporting any such incidents. See our reporting guidelines for more info.

Size of individual photos that you may upload, is limited to 100KB. Photos sent up for approval that are in excess of that, will unfortunately be deleted.  If you need help in resizing, simply email a staff member. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please contact a staff member.

Amend rule for Social Medias. Be advised this does not change the above rules, just adds onto it. This has been talked about with the admin and mods here and is effective immediately.

--International Young Naturists Organization is dedicated to providing a safe environment for young people to discuss, share experiences and learn about naturism and topics beyond that subject. We believe this website to be a great place to get in touch with like-minded people and build relationships with them. However, we also need to recognize that young people on the internet can often be a particularly vulnerable group, and those known to be open-minded to nudity particularly so.

This is why we have various safety measures in place to limit the danger the internet poses to our audience. Some of these measures you are familiar with include reviewing every membership application, progressive access to more permissions as you establish yourself as a member of this forum, and of course some of our rules. It is the latter that this announcement concerns itself with, particularly rules 3 and 5, concerning off-site messaging and advertisement of other communities. These rules are being updated to take into account the modern state of the social web, which makes it easier than ever to set up communities on communication services like Discord or Skype.

In simple terms, this means that we place strict rules on any social media group that wants to recruit members off our platform. Of course you are still free to exchange contact information and websites with people you already know, but any unsolicited message to members for the sole purpose of inviting them to a social media group is considered advertising and thus subject to rule 5.

If you would like to invite the IYNO user base to a social media group, you are required to get in touch with a staff member about it. We will get back to you regarding the specifics, mostly whether and under what conditions we are willing to let you post your advertisement. Such conditions may include where you post it, how members are able to join or how you are able to refer to IYNO on your social media group. A staff member may want to take a personal look at how the group is set up and run or join themselves to be a presence. Whether an advertisement is accepted also depends on the reputation of the user advertising. A long-standing and trustworthy veteran is much more likely to be accepted than a relatively unknown newcomer.

As a good example of how such a system might work, take a look at the unofficial Skype group. The group has been created by long-standing member @Rockingnature after being given an OK by IYNO staff. No contact information is being exchanged in public (in accordance with Rule 3), the group makes clear that it is organized by members and not the operators of the website and there have been no reports about problematic behavior being tolerated or even encouraged in that group.

On the other hand, we have heard of unsanctioned groups where problematic behavior was pretty much encouraged, if not committed, by the organizers. One such incident is what prompted the revision of the rules. Note that this revision is mostly a clarification, we maintain that the prior versions of the rules already covered those cases.

On this issue, we need your support. We are neither willing nor able to routinely monitor any personal conversations, because we value your privacy. Hence we are usually not aware of who may be sending you any unwelcome messages, whether it be advertisements or other kinds of unwelcome behavior (such as harassment). Therefore, we can only take action if you report any messages that violate the rules and/or make you uncomfortable. All reports will be reviewed by our staff and every information we get using the report system helps us in responding appropriately, so help us make IYNO a safer place for everyone.


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