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Rule 12: Firearms reworded
« on: January 28, 2011, 10:28:50 pm »
Dear members of IYNO,
We have updated the wording of our new rule regarding firearms to minimize collateral damage to other areas of interest. It now reads:
12. We, the staff, host and founders of this community respect all cultures and hobbies. We do not, however, allow depictions of firearms in this community. We are not against certain aspects of that hobby, but overall we are in agreement that we will not permit any depictions or discussions of firearms, with the exception of those that do not promote the use or possession of potentially lethal guns. This is not open for discussion. If you have need for further clarification, we invite you to contact one of our staff members please.
This should clear up issues regarding the appearance of weaponry in various forms of entertainment. The IYNO staff reserves the right to judge whether content considered promoting, so if you are in doubt, ask a staff member for advice.
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Please send me a message on the forum before contacting me over IM. For best results, also mention what you want to talk about, I am not much of a smalltalker.