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O Canada!


Federation: Union of the Quebec and Canadian Naturist Federations / Union des Fédérrations Québécoise et Canadienne de Naturisme 
Phone: +1 416-410 6833 +

The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) and the Fédération québécoise de naturisme (FQN) share the Canadian membership in the International Naturist Federation (INF), which has its world headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium.
The Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN) is Canada's national nudist organization. Along with the Fédération québécoise de naturisme, the FCN represents and promotes the naturist lifestyle as wholesome, healthy, and enjoyable.

What we do...
The FCN publishes a quarterly magazine, called Going Natural / Au naturel, and information brochures. We give seminars and media interviews, and run naturism booths at various major exhibitions. We have affiliations with many Canadian nudist clubs, and close links with other naturist organizations. And we represent Canadian naturism at the congresses of the International Naturist Federation

This is a great organisation and goes back many years. It, as you can see, serves with the Quebec Naturists, who for some odd reason, seem to feel they want their own but thats politics and well..

Anyway, they publish a fine magazine called Going Natural and its well worth reading.  It is so very good, as is the magazine of the Quebec Naturists.  Have a look at this page too:

If you are either living in Canada, or wanting to visit there, do bookmark their site. Its wonderful!

As I promised in my introductory thread, here's a link to my article I wrote for the FCN magazine, Going Natural. Keep in mind I wrote this when I was 17 (almost 6 years ago) and some things have changed since then. However, my attitude and general attitude towards naturism has remained the same.

*If you find this copy to be too small, I'm more than happy to email the full size scan upon request. :)


Great article. I can see why it was published! The writing was tremendous and engaging, especially for a 17 year old.

Excellent article, Josh. Your opinions and feelings about nudity are very similar to mine, but you still made me think! (For others trying to read the article, try right clicking and saving it. Then open the saved file in Paint, and from the menu, select View-Zoom-Custom 200%. You could also open the file in Windows Photo Gallery and just use the zoom slider.)

One of the sample Going Natural articles might interest some members:

The road less travelled: Growing with my daughter Adelle

It is written by the (step) mother of a very independent 14 year-old girl. Here's an excerpt:

--- Quote ---The day she announced that she was a serious believer in naturism and female topfreedom was one of the harder days. My mind immediately raced with all the "what ifs" of the negative kind. I immediately started to worry about the ramifications in today's conservative society of a 14-year-old girl being a nudist and topfreedom activist.
--- End quote ---

Thanks a lot Brandon, I really appreciate it! I actually had contact with Adelle who's mom wrote the article you shared. She had written for Going Natural herself around the time I did and had a pretty cool youth naturist website of her own as well.


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