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Well, here is my hobby turned work.  Fortunately turning it into work hasn't taken the fun out of it!

Recently I had to take a newer Grumman Tiger out to deliver it to it's new owner.  This took me from Mid-Ohio into a few miles from New York City.  The weather was nice and as usual I ended up getting in later than anticipated.  Good times! 

The Plane

The panel.

Me trying to get a good photo of myself.

This is from Johnstown PA. I was flying over the imfamous South Fork Dam.  This Dam and it's keepers were responsible for the flood that annihilated much of Johnstown. There is now a museum at the site and a railway line runs through the site of the reservoir and dam.

This was taken over the River just north of Harrisburg.

Wow bet you felt great getting off the ground for a bit!  :432

Wow, I think you have the coolest hobby ever!


Its not powered flight, but I have been known to go paragliding. I haven't done it for a while (been busy climbing mountains) but I really must have a go at it again sometime.

Wow brilliant pics Richy!! thanks. Must be fun working on the helicopters.


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