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I love flying! One of my best friends is a pilot for Skywest Airlines here in the States which flies connecting flights for Delta. He has a small Cessna 182 that he lets me fly once we get up to cruising altitude. I have always wanted to get my pilots license!


--- Quote ---Neat! 182's are nice little aircraft.  With you friend, is he one of the captains at the company?

--- End quote ---

Yes he is. He has been flying with them for around 13 years. He said once he gets to 15 years he is going to apply for mainline Delta. I think he was originally going to apply at Northwest a few years ago. He did not apply because he was going to wait until their financial situation worked itself out. He really likes the A320's.

I flew in a Van's RV 8, and they are very nice aircraft.  The aircraft is very sensitive plane and is fun to do aerobatics in. 


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