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Sergeant first class in the German air force - I'm impressed! I'm sure Mike will be too when he reads this. I don't want to hijack Mike's thread but how long have you been in the airforce?

I've always loved the idea of learning to fly but there's now no way we can afford it and there are too many other things that we need to buy. I haven't even taken my driving test yet! Just down the road there's a guy who teaches people to fly a seaplane. That's what I would ultimately aim for.

Nice pics....I miss flying small aircraft...large aircraft kind of take the fun out of a good hobby!


I’d prefer to keep what I fly a secret for the moment...otherwise people may work out who I am and where I work! ;-)

Aaah, flying! Who has never envied those lucky birds for their ability to defy gravity? :D

My father flies a Storch, an ultralight aircraft (like the one you can find on this page).  That's one cool little airplane, a soccer field lengths is more than enough to take off and two fingers are enough to handle the ultra precise stick.

What I have done years ago and miss a lot is paragliding! With a friend, I went in some French mountains for one week with a flying school, this was absolutely awesome!  Oh my, now I'm stuck again in a loop of watching various paragliding videos (made by others), like those:


edit: And yet another! :D


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