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Midnight Oil: "Redneck Wonderland"


Dario Western:
By 1997, Midnight Oil were no longer considered rock'n'roll darlings.  Peter Garrett was becoming ever more involved with politics and their previous earthy rock sound started incorporating elements of electronica in it.

However, this is still a very intelligent, angry and harrowing song with a video showing a male stripper walking naked down a busy street in the middle of the day.
Even Peter Garrett is seen semi-nude towards the end of the video, and he doesn't look too bad for someone who was 42 at the time.  Incredible that he's ended up becoming the minister for the environment in Australia, but many music fans are sad that he looks like he's sold out to political corruption by not stopping plans for a pulp mill being built in Tasmania.

Here's to the good old days of MO!

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These guys were the best band around in the 80's. Certainly my fave band for a long time.


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