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Books: Digital or physical?

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I love physical books, its nicer, and more tactile and they don't even require batteries. However, books are expensive and take up space. You can't pirate a physical book. So some books that I want to have on my shelf I buy, otherwise I tend to get them from libgen of zlib.

Also, one aspect is collecting them, I like to have a little curated library. It's a nice way to show off what books you like and lend one to a friend. One of my dreams is to have a library/study.

I much prefer reading and writing in real books. I can more easily process everything I read if I'm holding the book in my hand.
Writing by hand is also far better than writing something down on my phone, I can more easily remember it.

Physical hands down, like holding a book, seeing books on a shelf, and with smartphones we are always looking at a screen so it it nice to not have to look at one. Good excuse for a screen break

I find physical books a lot better for staying focused, but my course needs a lot of books that are very expensive to get a physical copy of so I read a lot of books digitally these days

I definitely enjoy reading a physical book over digital.

However, with that being said, my job requires me to maintain a large number of manuals and publications which are frequently revised, and updated.  I'm very thankful that they are all digital because all I have to do when an update is issued is hit the sync button and it's all taken care of.  Likewise, I always have to carry these manuals, and having them digital makes it MUCH easier.  If not for that I'd be hauling another 30-40 pounds worth of books/papers around.


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