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Brazilian beach threatened by resort



Tambaba Beach, located on the south coast of Paraiba, is going thorugh one more controversial situation among the many that have lived in the past 20 years, since it was created in 1991. The Naturist Society of Friends of Tambaba (Sonata) is accusing the city hall of Conde of wanting to sell part of the naturist area to foreign businessmen, according to Sonata, there would build a resort of international standard.

The fear of threat to the practice naturist led fans to quickly mobilize to prepare a petition asking the city to create a Special Area of ​​Interest (AEIT).

The purpose of the application is only one: to ensure that even if the resort is built on the site, the practice of naturism will not suffer any form of intervention and its supporters can continue to attend normally.

The President of Sonata, Daniel Santos, told UOL Notícias that more than 3,000 people have signed the document, to be delivered by the end of March to the Tourism Office of Conde, a town where the beach is located.

"Our intention is to preserve the nudist philosophy and the habits of those who are adept at its practice," said Santos. "This is not the first time we, naturist Tambaba, we feel threatened, we can not be undermined by private interests."

The tourist activity in Tambaba is strong. On weekends, about 3,000 visitors remove their clothes and travel the stretch of sand reserved for nudists. On holidays, the number doubles. In each group of ten visitors, nine come from other states and countries.

The beach is divided into two parts: one open to the general public and open only to naturists. The two are separated by an access ladder. The governments of the municipality of Conde and the State of Paraíba ensure the safety of tourists.

The other side

The Secretary of Tourism of Conde, Saul Barreto, admitted to UOL Notícias the possibility of building resorts in Tambaba, but said the practice of naturism will not suffer.

"The area is untouchable, it is a major tourist destination in the state," said Barreto. According to him, the construction of the resort would be on top of the cliff and would not affect the 'freedom' of the naturists. "There are many foreign groups interested in building resorts in the area, but we are still only at the stage of planning."

Where is

Tambaba is located in the town of Conde, 40 km south of João Pessoa (PB). To reach the beach by car, the access is through roads BR-101 or CP-008, toward the town of Conde. Both paths are well marked with signs. After going through Jacumã, another tourist destination of Paraíba, one arrives at Conde.



Most of the text was translated by Google Translate, so there are a few mistakes. But the situation can be understood.

we don't have many naturist beaches here. I hope it doesn't affect Tambaba!


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