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Cherokee Lodge in Crossville, Tennessee

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Trip Report from Summer, 2010

Cherokee Lodge and Resort in Crossville, Tennessee has been my favorite summer escape since I attended my first nudist gathering there several years ago.  Since then, Cherokee has constructed new facilities, hosted regional and national conventions and experienced its fair share of ups and downs, including a short-lived change in ownership and a brief closure. Rather than evidence of instability, the ongoing evolution of Cherokee is a testament to the resilience of authentic nudist values and the possibility of expansion to new and diverse audiences. Many resorts seem to stagnate, the established members defining the club so rigidly as to inadvertently exclude newcomers and stamp out fresh growth.  Other resorts surrender to financial considerations and quietly (or openly) welcome swingers and host sexually-titillating activities.

Owner Danny Davis and wife Donna have always been reliable champions of the family-oriented nudist ideology, quietly maintaining their club's commitment to traditional nudism with little regard to the temptation to make more money or build larger crowds by altering their ideals. As a result, there is something quite interesting happening at Cherokee, a subtle trend that may be overlooked by the casual observer, but a development that is quite profound for anyone concerned about the future of the nudist movement: Cherokee is becoming a destination for first-time nudists.

This summer's crowds have been extraordinarily different than any I have encountered at this or any other club. Young families and students seem to blend effortlessly with the retirees. A twenty year-old and an eighty year-old exchange college experiences. An elderly couple passes by a young woman pushing a stroller. There are fresh faces and first-time visitors every weekend. Each of these newcomers to nudism appears to have sought out Cherokee as a means of escaping the technology and the gadgets and the traffic jams and all the other complexities of everyday life that rob us of our humanity. No thrill seekers.  No hidden agendas. These are people who simply needed to walk around lakes and swat away mosquitoes and experience something real in a world that is becoming increasingly "virtual."

After being out of operation for a couple of summers, Cherokee is back, and it is most definitely rebuilding, attracting a entirely new set of members with the same old-fashioned ideals that made it a great club to begin with. When you visit Cherokee, you aren't simply paying to use the grounds for a day, you are being welcomed into a terrific and fascinating family, a family that is always open to new members.

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