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Interesting article about nudist hotel in Costa Rica.


I found this article. For me it is very interesting, because it helps people to understand the  joy of naturism!

Can anyone provide translation?


--- Quote from: Cabding on May 08, 2011, 07:28:08 pm ---Can anyone provide translation?

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Also hoping someone can provide a proper translation
From what I get from using Google translator (with it's many flaws) it is an article about the experiences of guy and his work companion (a photographer named Jose Diaz) when they visit a Nudist club (called "Club Mi Amor") for the first time but without mentioning what Naturism is about...
But again, this is what I get from using the Google translator, so it would be nice if a proper translation is available to read

Use IM-Translator from Firefox Add-ons

the results are not bad

well nothing interesting, just that the owner is from USA has 8 children in USA, she was introduced naturist life style by her husband, at first she didnt wanted too, but later agree and got hook into.  theres no law that will ban naturists in Costa Rica, the reporter got surprise people were acting normal, talking to him without malice, at 2nd day he was invited to a dance, everyone show up clothed but has the night progressed everyone end up naked. most clients were natives from C.R.,  the reported decided not to take his clothes off as well his companion. it dosent mention anything about closing. it was an articule for the national news paper.. hope this help


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