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Le Tour de France 2009!!!

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Well it starts today in Monaco and I can't believe no-one has mentioned it yet.....I'm rooting for Aussie Cadel Evans (runner up for the past 2 years) and also the return of legendary American Lance Armstrong (7x champion 1999-2005) !!! Can't wait. I love watching it for the scenery too, beautiful countryside. Makes me want to go there.

or for the English version....

Who here is going to watch this over the next three weeks? A brilliant bonus for us in Sydney is that this year we can watch it live on a free to air channel SBS 2.

This year they are even going to start stage 5 on 8th July in Le Cap d'Adge . I wonder if they will mention the naturist quarter in the coverage?

My God, Tod... Am I going to watch this? DAMN SURE!
I'm invited by the Astana Team (Lance's Crew) to come and visit a few stages!

So yeah, I'm glad to show your guys a small part of 'my worlds' biggest event. I don't know if y'all have been able to watch it (there's no footage on youtube yet, I'll post it when available).

It was a brilliant stage, and except from a fairly unsuprising winner there were enough things to tell about the opposition etc.  The most interesting thing (for me at least) is the usage of bikes in this Time Trial. As you know I'm combining my cycling with a study in Aerodynamics, which is a major part of the creation of the bike.

It dissapoints me to see that incidents (as there are still incidents) change your view on cycling in general.


--- Quote from: HermanTheGerman on July 04, 2009, 06:28:53 pm ---Sorry, guys, but there were too many doping scandals in several past seasons that I really don't like to even know anything about the tour any more.
There are so many bad things done to a human body to achieve extreme results which it just cannot (sorry, we are not supermen!). :322
--- End quote ---

Yes I am dissapointed by the doping scandal which have occured in the past few years, and yes there may well be some more this year. why? It's a major event that people desperately want to win and some will do anything (rightly or wrongly) to help their cause. I think it's great that anyone who is caught is banned from the sport for a period of time for bringing the sport into disrepute.

--- Quote ---It is just too far away from my image of nature and naturism that for me it almost doesn't have a right to be in this forum. Sports yes, chemicals no!
--- End quote ---

Well Herman, you may notice that we have a large section here called General Talk (primarily non-naturist) and this is posted in the subsection Breffni's Sports Bar! So I do think it has a right to be here. It's one beauty of this forum that not everything has to be related to nudity. The Tour de France is about sports, not chemicals. However you are welcome to talk about chemicals, heck if you want to talk about anything, even rock collecting, we can find a place for it.


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