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Out for nudist-Facebook "Skinbook"
« on: May 12, 2011, 09:57:02 pm »
Out for nudist-Facebook "Skinbook"

Students Karl Meddock and Jessica Kennedy had a bizarre yet interesting and ambitious idea. They founded Skinbook with a social network for nudists and naturists. It gave nudes share and socialize. Above all, a virtual meeting point Skinbook for young nudists. The social network was pleased with very popular. Every day, wanted over 200 nudists to be a part of the community, but only 10 percent of registrations were also unlocked. After all Skinbook should be a rallying point for pornography, but a serious project. So were admitted only nudists under 40 years who have uploaded a profile image with the same face. But unfortunately, the ambitious project did not survive long. The end for Skinbook came last Saturday.

In May 2008, launched as an online forum which has been made Skinbook in September 2008, a social network via online platform Ning, a tool to anyone who makes their own social networking platform to build and so Skinbook was also quick inflow of nudists and nudists. However, since Ning excluded any kind of pornography and nudity, was also the end of Skinbook, the Facebook for nudists. Although the founders wanted to continue the project and looked for alternatives, but due to internal disputes, Skinbook-founder Charles Maddocks has taken on the ambitious project last Saturday to the grave.


In German:

Aus für Nudisten-Facebook “Skinbook”

Die Studenten Karl Meddocks und Jessica Kennedy hatten ein skurrile und zugleich auch interessante und ehrgeizige Idee. Sie gründeten mit Skinbook ein eigenes Soziales Netzwerk für FKK-Fans und Nudisten. Hier konnten sich Nackedeis austauschen und Kontakte knüpfen. Vor allem sollte Skinbook zum virtuellen Treffpunkt junge FKK-Fans werden. Das Soziale Netzwerk freute sich über regen Zuspruch. Täglich wollten über 200 FKK-Fans Teil der Community werden, doch nur 10 Prozent der Registrierungen wurden auch freigeschalten. Denn schließlich sollte Skinbook kein Sammelbecken für Pornografie sein, sondern ein ernsthaftes Projekt. Zugelassen wurden also nur Nudisten unter 40 Jahre, die gleichzeitig auch ein Profilbild mit Gesicht hochgeladen haben. Doch leider hat das ambitionierte Projekt nicht lange überlebt. Das Aus für Skinbook kam am letzten Samstag.

Im Mai 2008 noch als Onlineforum ins Leben gerufen, wurde aus Skinbook im September 2008 ein Soziales Netzwerk via Online-Plattform Ning, einem Tool, das jedem Interessenten ermöglicht eine eigene Social-Network-Plattform aufzubauen und so bekam Skinbook auch schnell Zulauf von Nudisten und FKK-Fans. Da aber Ning jegliche Art von Pornografie und Nacktheit ausgeschlossen hat, kam auch das Ende von Skinbook, dem Facebook für Nudisten. Zwar wollten die Gründer das Projekt weiterführen und suchten sich Alternativen, doch aufgrund internen Streitigkeiten, hat Skinbook-Gründer Karl Maddocks am vergangenen Samstag das ehrgeizige Projekt zu Grabe getragen.


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Re: Out for nudist-Facebook "Skinbook"
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2011, 11:06:18 pm »
How old is this article? This happened last year. I was on Skinbook when Ning dropped it. That's where I met Cabding and a few other nudist friends.

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Re: Out for nudist-Facebook "Skinbook"
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2011, 06:10:44 am »
Very poorly written and ill-researched article.  There are still a few nudist groups on ning, but the site does not allow nude images to be posted anymore.  One of the reasons that Maddocks decided to close Skinbook was because ning was turning into a pay site, which was opposed by all the members. 

A shame because it was quite a good network, with the exception of some very undesirable forum members and admins.

Skinbook is still going today as a group on Facebook and Flickr.
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Re: Out for nudist-Facebook "Skinbook"
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2017, 04:08:01 pm »

Good evening!

Because NING raised the price for hosting SKINBOOK.NING.COM, we decided to move at the following address SKINBOOK.ONE
For more news about SKINBOOK network we are waiting for you on Facebook (

Your account from will be deleted. :(

Thanks for your patience and support!

It is back?
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