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Britons head to nudist camps to top up tans


Britons head to nudist camps to top up tans

Britons are flocking in record numbers to nudist colonies in to get all-over body tans with enquiries rising 600 per cent since the heatwave began.

Britons are flocking to nudist colonies in to get all-over body tans
The British Naturism Foundation said the number of people contacting its sun clubs and nudist beaches rose from 2,000-a-week to 12,000 as temperatures rose to more than 86F (30C).

"It's been staggering, much more than the usual levels of interest we get," said spokesman Andrew Welch. "And the rise is mainly through women wanting that perfect tan, particularly the younger generation.   :2345

"It's certainly a really surprising response, especially from women who normally tend to be more shy about getting their clothes off.

"But it's a perfectly natural thing - we're happy to welcome them along. The tanning aspect of naturism isn't new as for years we've been welcoming people who want to do away with the white lines."

Mr Welch said the stigma of nudism still was being reduced by a shift in cultural taboos and open-mindedess about the body image.

"Of course many people still think there is some sort of erotic thrill behind the reason to get naked. And you'll be surprised by how liberating couples say it is when they strip off."

Melanie Chandler, 34, from Tunbridge Wells, said she has recently embraced the idea of nude camping with a visit to Studland beach in Dorset.

"It was very relaxed and most people who go along are professional couples who just want to chill out and have a good time. What's wrong with showing off our bodies anyway? It's how nature intended as they say."

The Invicta Sun Club, near Dover in Kent is just one of the many woodland 'sun clubs' which seen a rise in enquiries over the last week.

David Shaw, spokesman for the club, said: "It's certainly gone up and it's no surprise that nationally the numbers are on the rise.

"On days likes these what could be nicer than stripping off and jumping naked into a nice cold pool."


That's a great story!!!! Very positive article for the nude way of life. Thank you Danee!

u beat me to it danee
was going to post this



It's good to read that younger people are increasingly going nude outside!
I wonder if such an increase has happened in other countries as well.

Funny.... getting rid of tan lines was probably one of the main things that got me into naturism :-).  Looks like it's the same for many other people too


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