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July 3rd, 2009

 A NATIONAL group representing topless women has spoken out in support of the bare-chested ladies distracting tradies at the Darwin Waterfront project. said women had the same right as men to walk around with no shirt on.

"Both men and women have nipples and both are natural, beautiful parts of the human anatomy," Gotopless spokeswoman Veronique Chachay said.

Topless sunbaking has become a point of contention at the Waterfront after the Northern Territory News revealed building work was being slowed because scantily clad European backpackers at the new safe swimming beach were catching the eye of tradesmen.

Pics: Top End bikini beauties

But Ms Chachay said it was the perving men, not the women, who had the problem.

"When men expose their bare chests there are no doubt also quiet admirers, but it doesn't create a newspaper headline, nor is it judged by the same standard," she said.

The group also criticised Waterfront chief executive Pat Coleman for suggesting topless sunbathing should be banned at the new safe swimming lagoon.

"What is the real issue here? Is it women enjoying the sun on their topless chests or the male workers losing control of their hormones and stopping their daily tasks to enjoy the show," Ms Chachay said.

The tradies claimed it was the topless women who were playing it up to attract their attention.

"They love it mate ... love it," one tradie said.

But Ms Chachay said Gotopless was committed to helping men differentiate between nudity and sexuality.

"If the presence of a topless woman in public triggers a sexual impulse, it can easily be controlled in the same way men control themselves when they see a woman wearing a mini skirt or revealing ample cleavage," she said.


And the Go Topless website:

Top-free Equality. Its a right, not a privilege!


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Re: Darwin, Australia, July, 2009 , Women have a right to go topless
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 12:49:46 pm »
Tha's brilliant to hear Danee! I agree with Veronique Chachay, it's the bad behaviour of the blokes who should be banned, not the topless women.

 :909 :909 Lol, that's brilliant!!!!! How true!