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Nude cyclist slams 'waste of money' trial



--- Quote ---A CAMPAIGNER who cycled naked through Bournemouth and Poole last summer has been given a year’s conditional discharge after being found guilty of a public order offence.

Richard Collins, 54, who lives with his elderly mother in Bexhill-on- Sea, East Sussex, was arrested at Sandbanks on June 30 while he was on his way from a friend’s home in Moordown to the naturist beach at Studland.

During his trial at Bournemouth Magistrates Court, the court heard that two female witnesses told police they felt shocked after getting a full-frontal view of Collins’ private parts.
--- End quote ---

Full story here:

The comments are worth a read.

Seems like the same guy participated in this stunt, too.

Pity it's the usual motley crowd - i cd only spot one young person in that crowd:


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