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Sword fighting

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I want to learn how to fight with swords of all shapes and sizes. Any perfered styles? Swords? Holy Blade of Ragnell!!


--- Quote from: SecretlytruenudeM92 on June 23, 2011, 08:04:46 am ---Any perfered styles? Swords? Holy Blade of Ragnell!!

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--- Quote from: grimbeorn on June 23, 2011, 10:04:33 am ---Maybe large sword would be a better option for me, but it was made to fight versus spears and pikes. So I supose I would try to hold a not too much large one and handle it as if it was a bastard sword in it's style (in Spain we call it "one and a half hand sword").

And if I could, I would forge something like a katar, with a small shield. For both hands. And use the berserker style  :0988

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In usa we call them long swords and hand and a half swords. Excelent choices. long swords tend to be two handed swords, slower but with long reach and greater power. Could anyone imagine a two handed Holy Blade of Ragnell as a lightsaber!? Pisishhhhhh wooobbbbb pepare yourself! Aether! Wooo wooo woo YYYAAAHHH! Ike could slice an AT-AT in half!

sounds like a cool idea to me

Well you are in luck, there is a resurgent interest in Western sword fighting styles.  Fencing is a rather stylized form of sword fighting and not really representative of actual combat.  There was a documentary I watched on Netflix about the renewal in Western sword fighting.  I think it was called Reclaiming the Blade, or something like that.


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