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Australia: Getting to the bottom of city's nude Samaritan
« on: July 13, 2011, 06:21:10 pm »
Mystery Nudes Help Motorists - Getting to the bottom of the Nude Samaratin

{The Aussie attitude comes thru in this -- in the U.S., there would be charges and investigation and hysteria --  hats off to you guys!}

Published Date:
13 July 2011
IT was an act of bare-cheeked altruism that brought a whole new meaning to the term flash floods.
And today the Evening News can reveal the identity of one of the urban nudists who bared all to help a stranded motorist escape the chaos of Friday's storms.

Australian Matt Prowd went starkers to help a driver marooned in a large pool of water on Mayfield Road, Liberton, as a quarter of the city's average rainfall for July fell in just three hours.

The 26-year-old, from Brisbane, who admitted "some drink" had been involved, had been playing golf at the Braids when the downpour hit and was travelling home with friends when he saw a fellow motorist had come a cropper.

Throwing off their clothes, Matt and his unidentified friend rushed to assist and were captured on film by shell-shocked onlookers.

The duo managed to push the stricken Ford people carrier free before darting back to the warmth of a friend's car.

Matt conceded a few beers may have played a part in their naked antics.

He said: "It was just a very excitable time for us with all the storms, the hail and the floods going on. We were just a couple of guys having a good time.

"There had been some alcohol consumed and we had been playing golf when the heavens opened.

"The game was cut short and we only got to the fourth hole because of the weather.

"We got out of the car and were splashing about in the puddles and then saw a car in distress at the bottom of the hill and thought he could do with some help

• Matt Prowd covers up after baring all to help a driver

"The kits came off and we helped to get him out of the water. There were high fives all round from people watching."

Asked what compelled him to strip, he said: "It was all for the poor stranded people that needed our help and we were happy to assist. It was an altruistic thing to do - helping others out and giving them a laugh at the same time."

Neil Moulding, 35, one of the startled motorists to record footage of the barmy scene, said: "I was in the car heading into town to do some shopping and ended up alongside this car that was stuck in the water.

"Next thing I knew two naked bodies jumped out on to the road, one of them with a chauffeur's cap in his hand looking like something out of the Full Monty, and started pushing the car out.

"The guy trapped in the car looked completely shocked.

"They then jumped back into the car, gave us a look and a laugh and then drove off."
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