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I know we have looked at cats and dogs but what about fish keeping. I am a mad tropical fish keeper and that is one of my main passions. I mainly keep Australian native species such as rainbows and hardyheads. What do you keep?

I used to have a small 5 gallon tank, but it got to be too much to keep up with, especially since I was going out of town a whole lot and the dissolving feeders never seemed to work right.

Xgsft, that is pretty awesome that one of your clown loaches has been laying eggs as they are pretty hard to breed in captivity with the vast majority being wild caught. I have a beta too and find they are great fun and you can train them. Zebra loaches are very playful too and bala sharks very attractive. I really like cardinal tetras too and you can now get the green neon and gold tetras.
Joeyn, yes many of those dissolving feeders are sadly very unreliable.

I had a saltwater tank running up until a year ago. I had a maroon clownfish, yellow tailed damsel, some shrimp, crabs, snails, and at one point a blue hippo tang (Dory) for over two years. I find saltwater tanks cleaner than freshwater tanks and the vibe they give off is also better for me. The only downside is that they are way more expensive, and thats why i haven't had any fish for about a year.

Yes salt water tanks and stunning and great to look at. I would love one one day very much  :2345


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