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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Just saw it and loved it. It didn't seem quite as magical as the earlier ones, but maybe that's just because I'm getting older. I'm not sure it was quite as suspenseful. It was long (2:40 including previews), so be prepared.

I found the cuts from one scene to the next drew way too much attention to the editing, which distracts from the drama because it reminds you that you are watching a movie. I guess the director deserves the blame for this. While it may be artistic and very cool, in a drama I don't want editing that screams, "Look at me, I'm such an edgy director!!111!!!!"

The special effects were awesome. The score (music) didn't seem quite as magical as in the previous ones.

The teenaged actors have developed their acting skills, which is good and bad. They might seem a little less natural in places.

Heavy makeup may have been necessary on Riddle  and Malfoy to make them look pale and weird. On the others, the makeup seemed a bit overdone. My theory is that you shouldn't really notice the makeup.

I'll probably watch it again in a week or two, on an IMAX screen if possible.

I really enjoyed it as well.  I think it is probably my favorite of the films.  I really did not like the fifth film and I feel like this was a huge improvement. 

I thought it totally rocked... There seemed to be so many little details in the visuals.  Can't wait for the dvd  :2345

I thought it was really good. the elaborated on the love between the characters than what happened in the book. i wish they didnt take out some of the fight scenes! overall awesome movie. cant wait for #7 and the second part of # 7  :345678


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