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Naked high-schoolers heat things up in Tampere (Finland)

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Naked high-schoolers heat things up in Tampere                      Thursday, 25 August 2011 07:45    “The annual streaking by pupils at Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School has gotten people on online discussion fora expressing their disapproval.
The pupils, who have just entered their last year of school, surprised first-years by running naked from the school’s main hall in the middle of a welcome presentation. The school’s rector, Tuija Flinck, was giving a speech in the hall at the time.
Such streaking is an annual tradition. The idea behind the  display of nakedness is that the expressive art school’s new pupils are  shown that anything can happen at the school.
‘There can be anybody or any sort of goings-on here,’ one of the streakers, Juuso Sallinen, explained.”
Thumbs up for a progressive attitude about free expression!

I'm surprised how many schools do this. Our local university does an underwear run in the middle of winter, where students run around the university center in just their underwear in the middle of winter, and another university in the state has a nude run through downtown, which would be fun to go to.

That's awesome. It's cool to see a school endorse such a tradition instead of trying to shut it down. Too many of these types of things in the US end up in suspensions, arrests, and even sexual offender charges.

That would never happen in Britain. the activity would be labeled as inappropriate and the teachers would all be accused of pedophilia. 

 :e4444 that is so cool.


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