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What video game are you playing now

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Well for Christmas I got one of those new sega mega drive things with a bunch of classic games to try out and a couple to get reacquainted with.

Currentlt I'm playing Minecraft a lot and also Rimworld. At the moment though I'm playing Heroes of Might & Magic III with a friend :)

Got forza horizon 5 for Xmas and been playing it for two days straight

Started playing Hylics 2, picked it up on the Winter Sale after having my eye on it for a while.

Trippy RPG, weird AI generated dialogue, it's a joy.

Cle Leftwrite:
I’m still mainly playing Final Fantasy XIV but I’ve also been replaying Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. It’s so so good even the parts I remember disliking are much better than I had thought.
I’ve also been playing a bit of Taiko no Tatsujin on Switch, it’s a fun rhythm game but I’d like to get the custom controller for it, cause button controls are harder for me to remember and the motion controls are a tad janky.


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