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What video game are you playing now

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Blasphemous 2!

Starfield, anyone?

I’ve been try’s few classic games on the Sega Megadrive mini so giving Sonic a go naturally, Road Rash, Streetfighter and Phantasy Star among others. Never had a games console until I was 14 do only played in friends games. I’m suddenly being reminded how crap I was at all of them 🤦‍♂️

I have Finished Final Fantasy 8 again now. The last time was long ago. Before i Finished Elden Ring once and will play it again as a New game plus. But first i want to Finish Dark Souls. First part one. Then 2 and 3. Sekiro and Bloodbourne is also on my list. I play WoW from time to time. There are too many unfinished Games i want to catch up.

Lately I have been spending all my game time between Forza and Valorant. Forza trying to get familiar driving the Nurburgring and a couple other track, Valorant since I have a few friends that play it.


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