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wikiHow - useful tips for practicing naturism in a family setting

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I found a few good articles on wikiHow that relate to naturism and how to approach it in a family setting.

This first page is more of "a tool for parents who want to teach their children a wholesome understanding of human nakedness."

This next page is how to "slowly introduce your favored style of living with your family."

If your confident and want to get your "family involved in the nudist movement. Here's how!" If not, there are still some good tips worth a read in this next page

And lastly, an article containing tips for becoming a nude art model - things you should know, tips on being safe, etc.

There are likely many more articles on wikiHow regarding naturism, and being a wiki site anybody can freely edit the content. If there are a few points that are incorrect or need to be elaborated on you may do so via the big blue "Edit" button above each section. This being said, the articles are subject to change by others and the content you read may be different from what I read on a previous date.

Taylor!  Thanks for posting this!  You posted it in the teens area for educational purposes and bringing it outside is excellent too!

Education = positive information = continuity!   :543

Interesting links, there written in a simple understandable way.

I may have to try some of this so I can at least be nude in my room without needing to run for clothes when I hear someone

these links are great, like the tip about the hot tub - always a great way to get friends to try being nude socially!


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