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the color


I doubt the right place for that matter, if so I'm sorry

What does the color of the members "red, green, blue, purple...ect... ect"

Red is administrator, though staff colors are not very consistent and are more a matter of choice than a symbol of the actual access privileges. I have admin access and label myself global moderator, others, such as Stuart, do not bear a staff title at all.
Blue is global moderator, dark green is regular member, light green is teens only, purple is female chat, orange is newly registered and gold is "has an awful lot of posts and no special group". Most who are active long enough to be technically able to get gold also have at least veteran status, which does not display as anything special, so you are unlikely to see gold that often, which is helpful since it is hard to distinguish from orange.
Also, yes, it was not the right place, but you need not be sorry, I am just going to move it to the right place, no problem at all.

Delta thank you very much, for having informed.


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