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Thailand nudist resort aids flood victims
« on: November 02, 2011, 03:58:17 pm »

Thailand has been plagued with flooding in the past, but this time it looks like the water will be staying around for quite a while-with more on the way. Reports say people are hesitant to leave their homes and the government is adamant they seek refuge in evacuation centers. One option for evacuees is a local nudist resort. Chan Resort, in Pattaya, Thailand, has opened its doors to flood victims even though this is the beginning of its nudist tourist season. The clothing optional resort, opened for business on September 15th, of this year, says Jai Kendall, a representative of their marketing agency; but they are offering significant discounts to about 30 flood victims-including children, for the next 4-5 weeks.

he reduced costs for the flood victims start at $20 (US) per room and Kendall states that these guests will not go hungry. Since the clothing optional resort still has to pay for overhead (employees, water, electricity, etc) this is the absolute minimum that they can offer but will still lose a considerable amount of profits. With only 13 rooms in the resort-quarters will be tight-but at least these Thais will be safe and dry.
There were no rooms cancelled due to the floods and Kendall says the nudist resort will lose income for the duration of the flood victims’ stay-but it was the least they could do to help in this time of need. Of course, any prior nakation reservations will still be honored.
Since these guests will be mingling with nudists from all over the world, some of them might not be comfortable with it. Social nudity is illegal in Thailand, so it’s a good thing that this resort is on private property.
With flooding at an all time high, it’s good to know that there are safe, cheap, and comfortable places, that Thais can escape to, until the water recedes-even if it happens to be at a nudist resort.

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