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Chile’s premier nudist beach to give guided tours
« on: November 04, 2011, 01:44:12 pm »
Playa Luna will host Chile’s first nudist gathering at the beginning of March.


Chile’s premier nudist beach to give guided tours
Playa Luna will host Chile’s first nudist gathering at the beginning of March.
Playa Luna, Chile’s only nudist beach, will begin receiving its first visitors this Sunday for the 2011-2012 summer season.

Photo by Rodrigo Garrido/Playa Luna.
The beach is located in the town of Puchuncaví in the Valparaíso region, just three miles from the popular beaches of Horcón Cove, on a nature reserve tucked away between two cliffs.
This summer, the reserve expects to see some 12,000 people visit Playa Luna, a 20 percent increase from last year.
“We have continually seen this increase with more people arriving every summer, considering that there were only a few people when we began,” René Rojas, director of the Nudist Club of Chile and one of Chile’s first nudist activists, said to El Mercurio.
Opening day will feature a guided tour and include transportation from Santiago, for those with a true interest in nudist tourism. The initiative was started a few years ago and has had great results.
“The beach is open to anyone. There have been many questions about whether or not Playa Luna is a public beach or not, but the invitation is for everyone. In this respect, the tours are a great opportunity for those interested in living this experience,” said Rojas.
The tours are scheduled every 15 days for those looking for transportation from Santiago and a group of like-minded individuals to experience a day at this unique Chilean beach. The cost for such a tour is US$44.50 for a couple, US$38.45 for men and US$18.20 for women.
On their website, the organizers of the tours remind participants that this is a nudist beach and people within the group will be expected to participate.
In March, Playa Luna will also host the Latin American Nudist Conference (ELAN), the first nudist gathering of its magnitude to be held in Chile. The event will host leaders of nudist movements all over Latin America and will include debates and speeches concerning the movement.
They will also have recreational and sports activities. “We hope to gather a large group of people for gatherings of camaraderie and organized nudism, or what we call ‘social nudism’,” said Rojas.
By Anna Pope (
Copyright 2011 – The Santiago Times


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Re: Chile’s premier nudist beach to give guided tours
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 08:38:08 pm »
Ah, great! I was there last year in November - maybe too early in the year, because me and my girlfriend and some drunken but nice guy (we didn't know) were the only ones there ;-) - ok, it was a bit cold as well...

But glad to hear, that the beach is still living and there are active people around! Not so many places in south america, where you can be naked.