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--- Quote ---A different way to go to the beach

On the sands of Abricó, in Recreio, naturism is practiced in family. Women, youth, elderly and children attend a paradise where everyone is naked.

The nursing technician Monica and her husband attend, for five years, the beach of Abricó

Among the crystalline sea and the Atlantic Forest, a range of 250 meters of sand brings freedom, peace and engagement. Without any clothes and armed with a speech based on equality, naturists color, with their bodies entirely golden, the beach of Abricó, in Recreio.

Rio de Janeiro, despite the carnival and its exuberant dancers in minimal costumes, is more conservative than you think. Prova disso é, mais que a baixíssima frequência de banhistas nas areias de Abricó, o olhar de reprovação ou ironia que recebem os frequentadores da faixa de areia mais livre da cidade. Proof of this is, more than the very low frequency of bathers on the sands of Abricó, the look of disapproval or irony that goers of that section of the beach receive.

But there, freedom has nothing to do with debauchery. The purpose of sunbathing au naturel is clear: to promote greater integration with nature and learn to respect others by its nature, not by their possessions.

- Here, nobody knows if you are rich or poor - says Pedro Ribeiro, president of the Naturist Association of Abricó (ANA).

Because of what Ribeiro points out as lack of information, many people end up going to the location, on Avenue Estado da Guananara, but are intimidated or afraid of inappropriate attitudes from other goers.

To minimize the risk of encountering someone who visits those sands with sexual aims, ANA recommends that visits take place only on weekends, when members of the association overseeing and directing the bathers.

- For the summer, we will first increase the number of days in which the association will be present. Instead of acting only on weekends, from December, we will be here from Thursday to Monday - anticipates Ribeiro.

The goal is to make that naturism is seen as a natural practice, which has been increasingly difficult over time, paradoxically. While in 2005, in a single summer day 400 people packed the 250-meter stretch of sand, now, the number is no more than one hundred attendees.

- Before, there were people who came in and just went from one side to the other, watching the naturists. But this is not a zoo. There are people who still climbs the rocks to see the other side. Even with such easy access to nudity, including phone, people still treat the subject as if from another world - points.

Ribeiro, 53, received the O GLOBO-Barra by the book. Naked, he only wore a cap of ANA, to protect the view, and suggested that the team was stripped even of prejudices, to investigate the theme. Professor of artistic education of a group of high school, he deals with the jokes of his students every time he reveals to be practicing naturism. But he guarantees that have found former students on the beach of Olho de Boi in Buzios, where the practice of naturism is also accepted.

A place where singles are welcome

In addition of being the only urban area of ​​Rio where nudism is allowed and, since 2003, official, Abricó is the only naturist beach in Brazil to allow the attendance of unaccompanied men and women. In other cities, like Balneário Camboriú, for example, is required to be accompanied by someone of the opposite sex, to balance genders and to avoid embarrassment. Pedro Ribeiro, president of the Naturist Association of Abricó (ANA), says that the position of the avant-garde associated Apricot assured, however, an interesting profile of attendees: 80% are men.
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Translation by Google Translate (and a few corrections by myself).

Thanks for the post!

It would seem that in most countries now there is a general consensis that nude beaches are lude and distasteful as the result of voyuers etc. hanging around or hiding in the dunes.

The text suggests a solution might be to congrigate a group of club members who are highly visible as a deterant. I read recently about people using flags on nude beaches to advertise the presents of genuine naturists which would ensure visitors to the beach would feel more comfortable about being nude and that the voyuers would feel less welcome as they would be ones being watched.

Here is a link to the flag info.

Perhaps it could be something that IYNO could adopt aswell. I know that when I am by myself on a nude beach and dont know anyone else there then I sometimes feel intimidated/uncomfortable. I assume the feeling must be twice as bad for a single female.

Yeah, the flag as a sign of help, and presence of volunteers on the beach is a good idea. Too bad there is need of such things, but in order to mantain the beach organized and the peverts away, this kind of constant work is necessary.

I just found out scans from the printed version of this article. It's longer than the online one:


It's a pity that Abricó is the only naturist beach in Rio. It's Small and located an hour far from downtown!


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