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Nude wedding pictures anger China

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Chinese officials have torn newlyweds off a strip over a bizarre new craze for couples to have their wedding pictures taken in the nude.

In China wedding snaps are often taken several months before the ceremony and for years couples have defied tradition to pose in Western clothes.

But now the Government-run Chinese Photographers Association has ordered a ban on the latest trend - of stripping off for the photographs.

Popular themes are angels, images of Adam and Eve, scenes from Ancient Greek gods, and some sessions apparently based on soft porn photo shoots.

"These photographs are contrary to the spirit of the institution of marriage," said the photographers' association leader He Lin.

"Marriage should be a sacred rite, we want to see this respected," he added.

I finde it´s a very cool and cute action. And here is a picture of the wedding couple


I agree, Peter! It is cute and it is expression! 

looks great dont have a problem with it quite funny i reckon  :3456

well she probably spent 18 months getting slim for her wedding she might as well show it off!

I think it's a great idea (of course), though i can see how that might not go down well in china

Nudity is an extremely touchy subject in China as well. Has been for a very long time. Although, I never fully understood why considering some of their "adult" shows are pretty far out there. Hm. I dunno.


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