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Official Link Exchange with Nudist Day!


The administration of IYNO wishes to announce that we are now officiallly linked with one of the finest true Natrurist blog and information sites around. is a super positive and informative site and they have checked us out, and agreed to link us to their fine website.  They are talked about all over the net and they are getting some very good reviews! is the best one out there and they are very picky on who they link with, I can assure you.  Our forum being International in theme and beginnings makes all of you rather special and so, give a quick click to them and say hi and thank them for the link! 

About Nudist Day

Nudist Day’s mission is to provide relevant information to people who adhere to this lifestyle. Nudist Day believes in true naturism, and will not knowingly promote anything that it deems is an affront to the wholesomeness of nudism.

Our philosophy is that there is absolutely nothing shameful or sexual about the human body and that clothes are only necessary to protect ourselves from the elements. It is our opinion that it should be perfectly normal for any person to choose to be without clothing anywhere and anytime they please.  That public nudity is generally not accepted in present day society is only an aberration.

If you’ve not yet tried social nudism, try it! We’re betting that like so many before you, shedding your clothes will shed light on who we really are as beings.

- Your Nudist Day editors: Thomas Gee and Alexandra Agudelo

Looks good! Thanks, Danee!

Nice site, with a godd philosphy... Like it...
Ciao Piero


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