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Naturists will travel across Latin America on wheels



--- Quote ---A group of naturists want to tame Latin America in two motorhomes that will cover the main naturists points of the region.

The trip is scheduled to begin on February 27, 2012, leaving Porto Alegre (RS). The return is scheduled for March 12.

The first destination will be Yatan Rumi, nature reserve in the Sierras Grandes de Cordoba, Argentina.

Then, the naturist group goes to the Nudist Playa Luna, northern Chile.

The next point is Playa Escondida in Mar Del Plata. According to the association Brasil Naturista, which organizes the trip, it is the only official naturist beach in Argentina.

Soon after, the place to be visited is the naturist beach of Chihuahua, in Montevideo (Uruguay).

After the tour, the group returns to Porto Alegre.

The nights will take place on the vehicle itself - each with beds for 21 people, four plasma televisions, bathroom with shower, stove, electric oven, fridge, awning, tables, chairs and barbecue grills.

The suppers, however, are not included.

The value of the package per person is R$1,250 (reais).

To travel on the naturist group, you must carry an identity document with no more than eight years of dispatch and a naturist passport (a kind of official "ID" of supporters of the lifestyle).

WHEN February 27 to March 12
WHERE Argentina, Uruguay and Chile
HOW MUCH R$1,250 per person
RESERVATIONS 0/xx/11/4063-6349;
--- End quote ---

This ad was published in one of Brazil's biggest newspapers...this trip seems to be a success, the first motor home is all booked, and organizers are thinking of renting a second one.


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